Hot Reload does not, under any circumstance, send code or stacktraces or file names or configurations or any other project-related information to our servers. All of your code remains on your local machine, and Hot Reload can be used offline once a valid license has been obtained.

Hot Reload does collect basic telemetry data, such as email address, the number of hot reloads and full recompiles performed, and error counters for predefined categories (such as EditGenericClass=1). It is important to note that this telemetry data does not include method names or any information that is specific to the project or machine.


If you have a firewall that restricts outbound traffic, you can whitelist the following hostname/ports:

  • on port 443
    • the licensing API, needs to be accessible for periodic license checks
  • on port 443
    • used for free consumptions. This endpoint is optional if you have a valid license.
  • on port 443
    • used for telemetry. Hot Reload works even when this endpoint is blocked

If this firewall configuration would not be allowed by your company policy, please contact us. A custom license mechanism can be figured out to fit your exact needs.

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