Burst Compile/Unity Jobs

Burst Compile/Unity Jobs compatibility

Hot Reload has been tested and is compatible with the default C# compiler and Unity Jobs, which use plain C# code.

Most Unity Jobs like IJob, IJobFor etc. are supported even when the job is decorated with the [BurstCompile] attribute.

Unity ECS support

Burst-compiled code from Unity's ECS i.e ISystem is not supported. However, you can still edit other functions - even if they are in the same file or assembly as the Burst-compiled function.

As a temporary workaround, you can consider removing the [BurstCompile] attribute in the editor if you need to quickly iterate. For example, you can add a compile flag around the attribute, so that you can easily disable it if you're not currently working on performance.

Extending the support for Burst-compiled code is possible in the future. If this issue is a dealbreaker for your company and you are using or considering the Business license, please contact us.

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