Goodbye compiling!
Hello, Hot Reload for Unity

Edit any C# function and get immediate updates in your game.
Built by game devs, for game devs - our studio has battle-tested Hot Reload for more than 3 years.

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Supported on:

Edit any function

If you have the C# code, Hot Reload can patch it instantly. Works with any text editor.

Easy setup

Import and run.
No project or code changes required.

Works seamlessly

Changes apply without requiring a domain reload. This means the game keeps running, just like you'd expect.

Fast, even on large projects

No matter your project size, changes apply in milliseconds. Our custom C# compiler integration only compiles code that changed.


Built by game devs, for game devs. We built this tool to develop Mobile Minigames.
(3M downloads worldwide)

A Massive Return on Investment


Compiles per day



Minutes per compile



Working days per month



Saved every month, per developer

(based on the average game developer's
salary of $55 000/year, and 8-hour work days)

Meet deadlines much more easily.

No more recompiles interrupting your flow & focus.

Drastically accelerate investigating & resolving issues.

Less frustration & stress working with Unity.

The Most Impactful Tool In Our Game Studio

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After a productivity analysis, we found that time lost on compiling was the single biggest bottle-neck in our workflow.

That's when we developed our Hot Reload solution, one that would also be compatible with the large size of our project (2M+ lines of custom code).

3 years of battle-testing later, it's helped us accelerate our project, release, update and improve our game, Mobile Minigames - with more than 3M downloads worldwide to date.

Get Started In Just a Few Minutes...

1. Download

Download and import the Unity package

2. Start

Start Hot Reload for Unity

3. Run

No further project changes required - enjoy!

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